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It can be overwhelming and stressful when switching to new technology for managing your sales and marketing, especially since it involves direct interaction from your sales force and customers. We understand the challenges you are facing, and we work hard to make our products as flexible as we can when it comes to integrating them into your existing technology. Our products can be run as stand-alone systems, or they can run as an extension of your existing system. They can even replace some or all of what you already have!

We realize the importance of system integration, and that is why we provide you with customized solutions for automating the processing of your online orders. We want our products to be additional tools that enhance the operations of your existing system. Sometimes technology can be too rigid and inflexible to the point where it is no longer useful. We can assure you that our products will never hinder your productivity.

User Education

At Spotlight, we recognize the need for showing your users how to use web-based technology, and we maintain a strong partnership with our client distributors in assisting with this process. We are also committed to providing your users with training for the tools we offer through our products.

During training, we explain the benefits of accessing your products on a regular basis. We have found that when you empower your customers to access promotional offerings via the web, you are providing the ease, flexibility and convenience of online ordering that they are looking for in their busy schedules.

Technical Support

We understand that our customers are usually operating with a limitied IT staff, a lot of which is out-sourced. That is why, when it comes to integrating our products with your system, we try to handle as many of the technical details as we can ourselves without requiring a lot of support.

Each client will usually have a specific set of requirements that we need to meet in order to effectively utlize and automate their data. We adjust our data structures to accomodate each specific situation.

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